Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bonzai Restaurant...Xmas Eve

Here we are, Lord n Lady Muck, posing beside one of the Bonzai Restaurant's Classic Austin Healey. Amazing place; full of Ming Dynasty china and various artefacts collected from ship wrecks exhibited about the place. Very unusual Thai food as well with crocodile, ostrich, rabbit, deer on the menu.....bit easy to tell the owner is South African!!

Malcolm really is Father Xmas. He and his wife Carol are extremely generous neighbours and hold an annual traditional Xmas dinner. They invited all 6 of us to join in as well....with music provided by a couple of very talented Irish lads. Needless to say, with drinking starting at 1300 and the 'party' winding up at about midnight, there was a degree of merriment in the air. Jai (bless her for never drinking) had to get the car and heave us all in the back to get us home....terrible stuff this alcohol.

Jai was delighted to meet Santa Claus.....funny how these old Turkish legends get remembered on 25th December in GB. Bit of a mixed up world, eh?

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