Monday, December 20, 2010

Be Not Afeard

Yo Ho........ see! There's no need to worry about snow 'n ice 'cos there's none here.
This, as you know, is the Buddha hand position for 'Don't be Afeard!', don't be afeard! Get on over here as soon as you can.
Today was a big day for me. Amazing all the things we get up to in Phuket. I finished my extended Guide Book on the local Temple. Went for a meeting with the Head Abbot of the local temple, Wat Chalong. Everyone seems very happy with the now it's gone to the publishers. Hope it will be ready soon to be available at the temple and with the tour guides. The Abbot presented me with two large books on Wat Chalong (in Thai!) and a book from America all about Temple paintings.
See!!! It's not JUST about diving, fishing, the sea, adventures, fantastic meals, scenery, elephants, ice-cream and endless bouts of lumply pumply.....there's Culture too, you philistines!!
Now, here's one of the many paintings from the Temple...and as you can see, a ship has been wrecked and is sinking. The crew are all in the sea being eaten by sharks and other savage fishies. Serves 'em right. One man has survived, however, and is being carried off to heaven by a beautiful Thai Tot. And that ,my friends, sums up my position in Thailand perfectly!!
See you all soon....Keith arrives from 3 days of 'Culture' (ha ha ha) in Bangkok in one hour..just off to the airport to get him. He'll be expecting to be whisked off to heaven ASAP! Tart.

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