Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back Again!

Here we are...back in Thailand. It's pretty warm...28 degrees...but cloudy, windy and has been raining like mad for the past two months. The Thais can't believe it; the Bar Girls are amazed and skint; the sales of umbrellas are at all time high.

Since being here I have been working like mad fixing boats.....but now, you lucky lot, we have a couple of boats we can use. One is in the north east of the Island where the famous James Bond scenery is...very nice for a day out...and the other is in the south at Rawai where the fishing marks are better.

We've had a few divers staying. They have gone now and we have a little gap due to Heathrow and Gatwick being closed. But I know at least one of you has made it here...and is in Bangkok being naughty (I hope!) and will be arriving in Phuket tomorrow evening. Our next guests arrive at silly o'clock on Thursday morning. We have plenty of invites from our neighbours for Xmas etc etc.....

I will get the camera out tomorrow and get our little Blog going properly. If you are freezing back home then it's your own bloody fault cos you COULD be here...and there is no excuse as to why you are not. Ha ha ha...forecast is now for all good from here on in!! Captains Paul n Jai!

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