Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Sunshine Bar in Rawai

The Sunshine Bar situated right on the waterfront at Rawai is our favourite bar.

Meet Khun Fun....owner, boss, maitre dee etc etc
...and, like her name, full of fun...and she ensures her customers have a great night of fun too.

Khun Fun's sister; Khun Fang....the choreographer and the energy behind the whole show...and it IS a show...every night from 2100 til 0200, the staff dance and dance and dance...they are MEGA fit and they really know how to keep the customers happy and drinking. If you come into the Sunshine Bar, you never want to leave...and that is a real testimony to the business skills behind this team...hardworking...ultra wonder the bar is packed every's a terrific experience.

The Bell rigs and the show begins...........

Gals, Boys, Ladyboys, boys who don't know what they are or want to be...gals who haven't got a clue either...think Lou Reed...think Kinks and's a mixed up world for sure! Girls will be boys and boys will be girls.....

Our little group grew as the evening progressed.....

The Lovers were still at it...with Jai getting in on the Popeye and Olive act....

The charming Val and her Geoffrey, underwater acrobat extraordinaire, were holiday romancing it!!!

And where was our Steph when all this was going on??? Yep, you guessed he is; bless! I think he's playing a fishing game on his phone!

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