Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snorkling...Ya Nui

I will never forget the first time I ever went snorkling. I was extremely lucky. My papa was in the Army. Back then the Services were posted all over the place. My first taste of snorkling was in Tripoli, North Africa. I remember this amazing world opening up before my eyes as I stuck a mask on for the very first time. I was hooked!

Many of you who have come here have never had the opportunity to go snorkling. Maybe you have been put off by the cold sea in UK or the poor viz or the currents or..or ..or....

It was great to see Keith who is with us this week to have his first ever go at snorkling at 31 years old. Keith is a good swimmer and confident in the it took him just seconds before he was completely at home....and he loved it. Great viz; stacks and stacks of fish to see....sea water temp of 30 degrees C...perfect.

Richard meanwhile has done plenty of snorkling around Man of War Rocks just east of Durdle Door and in Mupe Bay, Warbarrow. Snorkling back home IS also just have to wear a suit...and a couple of weights to get you down because of the buoyancy of the suit. But there's plenty to see back home....and the two areas mentioned above are particularly good.

It's not easy to get good photographs when snorkling due to excess light and my limited camera skills but the many different surface creatures that can be spotted are always worth watching out for....this one is the toned buttock fish, usually found in the Med.

Sometimes a photo comes out OK.....but you need to get down a few metres....our attempts to dive down a whole 4 metres are pretty pathetic when you compare them to Daughter Ai who was free diving to 20 metres in the Simlan Islands with Graham, Steve and me (earlier blog; remember?)

Anyhow...this has been a great week so far. Richard and Keith booked the house...just the two of them so I have been able to concentrate of showing them around....and I reckon they have seen experienced a few things in Thailand that are not quite the same as back home............and yesterday they caught fish at sea...with a sailfish, wahoo and tuna coming aboard...all in the next blog!

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