Thursday, March 11, 2010

Phuket Fishing Park

Our favourite fishing lake is brilliant.

We have 3 anglers amongst our 8 guests this week with Bob Fox, Fred Froment and Willy Ramthor.

Here's a photo of Bob with a Mekong Catfish

And here's Bob again with a species that we cannot pronounce let alone spell.....but I am sure there is someone out there who can help us?? What's this critter called? It fights like mad and looks a bit like a bream. Very solid, powerful fish.

Khun X is our resident guide and helper....and he's a very able angler himself. Here he is with a Siamese Carp

Willy took most of the photos which is why there weren't many shots of him....but here he is with a siamese catchfish

Fred is the least expereinced angler of the three but he couldn't go wtong with 7 fish to 26lb. This was his best fish and was another mekong catfish.

And here's Fred with another of those unpronouncable fish.......

And Bob's got another one too.

The lads landed 17 fish. They were smashed up a few times with the fish biting through the traces. All the tackle was hired so we fished with what we were given......for sure the lads would have aught much more if they'd brought their own stuff.

This lake is providing great fishing. It costs about £30 a day (0800 to 2000) with rods and bait and assistance provided.
There are giant Arapaima in the lake. I've seen two of 80kg and 90kg landed but there are arapaima to 150kg in the lake. It's a lot more to fish for these....5,000 Baht per day (£100) but you are in with a seriously good chance of cathcing one or more.....

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