Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kata Clarity

Some days the diving at Kata, our favourite nearby shore dive, is SO clear it's like being in a swimming pool.

Here's Bob (Bob Fox) doing his fin pivot exercise as part of his PADI Open Water's hard to believe he's under water!!

Beautiful 'heads' of coral are always alive with colourful fish.

Lion Fish.........always an attractive fish to photograph....

Kata reef is a smashing place to do 'confined' dives. Nice sandy bottom then a well defined reef with stacks to see..........literally thousands and thousands of fish. It's difficult knowing where to look next....sensory bombardment!

The fascinating dance of the Juvenile Sweetlips

Scorpion fish and stone fish disguise themselves amongst the stones

Underneath coral overhangs there's always likely to be a big-eyed puffer fish..........

This may well be my last chance to go diving for this 'winter' season. Our current guests stay on until 20th March....Jai stays until the end of April...but I have to come home on 16th......ready for another busy season on Offshore Rebel. I understand the pollack fishing is really good back home so I am hoping the weather will allow me to go to sea when I return!!!!
There is growing interest in the house all year now. So, if you'd like a holiday in Phuket, Thailand, please email or phone me ....... or mobile 07860 571615 or look at the Thai web site

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