Thursday, January 14, 2016

Three Men in Phuket

 Our illustrious trio of Ray Baron, John Bellamy and Russell Shaw have already discovered that Phuket offers something for everyone. We have been very much full-on since the chaps' arrival with Ray declaring last night that he had managed just 6 hours sleep in the three days that he'd been here. During any quieter moments when we are actually 'at home',  the lads have been fishing in the lake right behind us. The fish are up to a 1lb and look like roach but they fight well and it is fun. We have seen a few much bigger fish rolling around....and I am sure we will catch them soon!!

But how pleasant to pick up one of the 'house rods' and a slice of bread and go and have some fishing action right on your doorstep.

By now the photo of Ray dancing in atop a bar in Patong has gone viral (well, 40 likes anyway). His socks have become legendary.
There are other things to do of course. Whilst Ray was out and about and jiving with the Tottie, Russell 'Gentleman' Shaw went off for a nice walk to discover some of the charming 'landmarks' dotted around the place. Here he is amazed that he has discovered a Lighthouse in the middle of a carpark.

Taking a photo from a plane is always a favourite passtime and this one does show a few of the offshore islands around Phuket that we intend to fish and dive around.

Even as I type, Russell is 20 miles to the south of us at the famous Pi Pi Islands experiencing his first ever sea dives with PADI. Russell has enrolled in the PADI Open Water Course.....and what a wonderful place to have your first ever dives!! Once he has gained his PADI Certificate he, John, Kannika and I will be chartering a longtailboat on Monday and hiring a stack of dive bottles and heading out to sea to do our own diving.....that will be fun!!

Here's Russell descending on his first ever sea dive which was with me at Kata the day before he started his PADI training.
And within just two weeks, I am so impressed with Kannika's buoyancy control and relaxed style. And, as expected,she uses hardly any air so I have a new Dive Buddy with enormous potential....
I have owned this house since 2008 so this is already our ninth season! This time a lot of things needed replacing....bed stuff, towels, extra furniture, pool improvements, new mains water filtration system etc etc. The price has remained the same at £200 per week per en-suite double room for the whole time and includes free use of the fishing tackle (if it isn't good enough for you, you are welcome to bring your own) and dive gear. You will, if you like, have free diving tuition and then if you wish to further your diving you can be enrolled into the PADI Open Water Course which is just under £300 for the three days....consideraby cheaper than doing it in the UK. A word of warning though. Diving in here in Phuket is considerably less demanding than diving back home in the UK. If you do your training in Blue Water it will not equip you to face the rigours of the English Channel and further tuition is strongly recommended!!!! is a photo of one of the bedrooms. One bedroom has a Kingsized bed and the other two rooms have two large single beds in each. All the rooms are en-suite and they all have private balconies.

December 2016 is now fully booked. Bookings are being taken for the January to March 2017 period! You can email me if you fancy a holiday here ( or text me 07860 571615 or Facebook message me for details. There is a dedicated website ( that badly needs updating....but you can get an idea from it.

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