Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Still Here!!

Don't fret, folks! Contrary to popular rumour, I have not run off with this pretty young fashionable Thai-ess.... we are still here and as hectic as ever!! But here's a couple of photo's before Jai and I jump into a mini bus to take us off on a 5 day diving trip in the Similan Islands.

Gary and Mandy have left us now and we curently have 6 new guests. Gary is a builder by trade and kindly added on an extension to the house for me while he was here. This will be the new V.I.P. room and, I am assured, is the sort of quality build one can expect. (Yes, Bert??)

While Gary was busy building my extension, Mandy thought she'd make the most of her spare time and get a better looking man to show her the sights.

Gary also got a part time job as a Rick Shaw driver. He was paid higher than most drivers because of his engine size and power to weight ration. You wanna see them Thai drivers scatter when Gary steps on the gas. Yo Ho!

Our new 'Sala' is now complete and we have been enjoying midnight soirees in it. Looks good with the new moon rising above it, eh??

OK.....much more drivel when I return......

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