Sunday, February 26, 2012

Longtail Boat diving trip..Coral Island.

Bit of a poor surface photo but here we are swimming away from our longtail boat before we drop down onto the reef at Coral Island which is about 2 miles offshore from Rawai. There's stacks to see and a riot of's a pufferfish hiding under a bit of coral.

There's plenty of vivid fish to enjoy and take photo's of...and lots of attractive bits of coral scattered around away from the main reef.

Here's a frogfish....I saw a couple in the Similan Islands so nice to see another one so close to Rawai. (It's the little yellow blob of a fish....expand it and you'll be able to make it out as a fish...well, just about!)

Occasionally there's a nice Nudibranch......we're lucky there's so much to see on all the dives. And today worked out at a splendid £30 to charter the longtail boat and fill four tanks for two dives for me and the Jai to make two dives each.

With so much on offer, I aim to get as many of you coming here interested in the diving....I can guarantee that if you make that first sea dive (I'll only let you make it after several pool sessions and when both you and I are happy in your confidence and ability) then you cannot fail to be 'hooked' on's an amazing and colourful world around south Phuket.

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