Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mandy Scuba diving.

The PADI Open Water video talks about the feeling of weightlessness akin to flying when you are scuba diving....and here's our Mandy on her second dive of her holiday...flying along underwater at the start of our favourite inshore dive mark at Kata Beach.

Because the bottom is very fine sand and Kata is used for diving practice/first dives etc there's plenty of 'diver traffic' some days. There was today and it doesn't take long for the sand to get kicked up into the sea and make the viz rather cloudy. But, it's still very nice and there plenty of interesting things to see especially when you move off the usual 'diver lane'.

Moving a bit away from the main coral reef, there's isolated rock outcrops and the chance to get some better photographs as the viz clears. Here's one of those famous puffer fish skulking about.

There's also isolated clumps of anenomes with a few resident clown fish...always good for a few minutes of close up viewing. Often there's a colourful shrimp hiding in there...if you look close you can see one in this photo. We were about 10 metres down.

Here's a couple of lionfish hiding amongst the rocks.....when the viz clears the photo's turn out nicely.

And here we are at the end of the dive. Each dive lasts at least an hour because we are in shallow water. Our max depth today was only 11 metres but there's plenty to see all the way throughout the dive. We found an old abandoned fish trap. It wasn't 'fishing' anymore and thousands of fish were swarming all over it as they would with a wreck. There were some big lionfish hiding on it.

Mandy completed this dive of an hour with 25% of her tank still full...excellent...and The Jai was also with us. Today is Tuesday. We have booked a local longtail boat for Thursday and will be taking our six scuba tanks with us so that Mandy, Jai and I can have two nice dives around offshore deserted islands. Our whole day with boat hire, lunch, tanks of air will cost us about £50 between us for a full days. Gary will be with us for snorkling and doing a bit of fishing with our Thai Captain while we are mucking about down below......

This is just all too good to miss. The house is fully booked now until next January 2013 when I have 2 rooms free.....so, what are you waiting for!!!! Book a room...enjoy a great couple of weeks and try some diving with me!!!!

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