Thursday, March 5, 2009

Offshore Rebel (Thailand) Managing Director.
So, ladies and gentlemen...when you get off the plane at Phuket, Gae (pictured) may be the one who will meet you to bring you to the I may well be off somewhere with other customers.
Because of the various laws in Thailand relating to land ownership, it's a good idea to form a company. The company then owns the land your house sits's an effective legal safeguard.
So, now I have a fully fledged company. One advantage is that I can now buy stuff at cost price. Thus, if you wanted some diving gear...I can get it for you through my company at a much reduced cost. Also, I can now arrange any of the trips you'd like to go on direct through my company rather than going through agents...which means you (my beloved customers) can get the trips at a reduced cost rather than incurring agency fees...blah blah etc.
I have to have a Managing Director (Thai Law); so meet Gae. She is the Project Manager on the 'estate' where I have bought this house. She is fantastic at sorting stuff out...she has been an invaluable help to all of us; especially arranging the various trips many of you have gone on. Thanks to her, the taxi or mini bus turns up at the house and off you go....very easy...and of course they bring you back here at night.
Having a company also means I get a Macro Card so we can go together when you arrive and stock up the house on beer etc etc at VERY cheap rates which is another way to cut the cost of your holiday.
This week I have Honeymooners....they don't want to do much apart from wandering around looking at each other (yuck, yuck, yuck) so no adventures to report...sorry. They leave tomorrow and then it's the final week for me before I come back to start the angling season at Weymouth. But the final week should be great fun with the lads who are coming........
Jai is going to stay at the house until the end of April as we have more visitors....and she will be looking after things. She will be back in Weymouth as UK's most famous crew on May 1st and can stay until end of October..........
The house is then booked out for 6 months to an International School until October (6 months). Bookings have started for next year already. This IS a cheap holiday. I will again do rooms next year at £200 per room per week (so £100 each per week if two of you) or the whole house at £600 per week (sleeps 7).
So, for example....a three week holiday would cost you...£550 for the flights (return) and £200 per week (£600 for 6 weeks). If there were two of you that would work out at a total of £1,100 and £600 accommodation = £1,700. = £850 for a 3 week holiday! Not bad, eh. The fishing works at at £20 each (approx) for 6 to 8 hur evening trips; the diving with me is free (just pay a little bit for the air) and food is extremely cheap. It's up to you if you want to go on the various trips....
they are jammed packed days but they are not cheap....£40 to £80 each depending on what you do. But they are good!
More at the weekend!!

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