Thursday, March 12, 2009

Diving Day

Diving at Koh Racha Yai

Ha diving.........
Yo Ho...Jai diving.

Today, Thursday, Gary and Burt were off Game Fishing which gave Jai and me the chance to go and have a dive without having to worry about looking after customers underwater.

The diving in Thailand is fabulous and this was a great day out with exceptional visibility, loads to see and a water temperature of 29 degrees.

The dive boats go from Chalong which is a 5 minute drive from the house. I go with Kon Tikki Divers who have taken on the Padi Open Water courses for my customers who have become interested in the diving through my little 'pre school' and shore dives.

The day starts at 0800 when we are taken to the boat. You can hire all the dive gear or provide your's up to you. The boat crews do everything for don't have to do a thing...the level of service for which Thailand is famous is top class. On the boat (which was a superb vessel with air conditioned saloon, sun deck, good coffee bar etc etc we were offered a good cooked breakfast...bacon, eggs, toast, we travelled for 90 minutes to our dive site.

Three Moray Eels watching me watching them

Angel Fish hovering by an old mooring rope

Coral looked like someone's neck with a medal hanging from it!

Big turtle hiding in a cave

It's very hard to capture the magnificence of the underwater scenery on film...tumbling granite boulders, dramatic and colourful coral formations...stacks and stacks of fish...gin clear's just great. This dive started with a nice current so we were off flying with very little effort required...just 'o with the flow' as the saying goes. Some dives just have everything on the go. I have never seen sailfish when scuba diving but on this dive three went above us at high speed...fantastic. We saw so many different species of fish, crabs, shrimps plus a couple of big octopus and a bonus turtle...brilliant.

Mantis shrimp....there were loads of these about

Mimic Octopus imitating a stone

Octopus just starting to reform into a different form of disguise

The first dive was an hour in length.with 15 metres maximum depth. On resurfacing, the crew assist you (IF you want their help) to get out of the dive gear and then a short walk upstairs to the top deck and a good Thai dinner is ready for you. If you don't want Thai food...then there are other European options...

An hour or so later it's time for Dive 2.

Different species of moray eel showing itself

Another different kind of moray eel hiding in the coral

Mantis out..for its size, these pack the hardest punch in the marine world

The colourful but dangerous lion fish

Dive 2 was even better. Jai and I were accompanied by two instructors who were also enjoying a 'day off' and just wanted to have a day diving without any worries. It was a great little group as we were able to enjoy two very lengthy dives. This dive peaked at 17 metres but gave us a 70 minute dive...much to the annoyance of the boat Captain who thought we should be back after 40 minutes.

It was one of those dives which you just did not want to end..and in 29 degrees sea temperature there's no worries about getting cold after an hour. I just wish I could get all of you over here to experience is really superb and would give you memories you would never forget.

We were on a 2 dive day...some boats were off on 3 dive's up to you what you'd like to do. Our 2 dive day works out at £55. For this you get transport from the house/hotel or whatever and back again; all the dive gear, breakfast, dinner, fruit and pancakes on the way coffee and water with soft drinks costing 40 pence.

The day started at 0800 and we were back at 1500. The 3 dive day boats are back at 1800. It is extremely good value and Kon Tikki are a great outfit to go with especially as their dive centre is also in Chalong....just 5 minutes away.

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