Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pi Pi Island Diving

I had a day with no customers!! One team have returned to UK and there was a 24 hour gap until our next guests arrived at midnight last night. it i snow nearly midday....and no-one has yet surfaced!! That darn jet lag, eh?? and staying up until 4 am didn't help.....that Thai Whiskey and Singha  has a lot to answer for.

Anyhow.....it gave me a free day....so I went diving, of course.

 Thought I'd try out the White Line Balance and Macro setting and see if I could get at least one nice photograph. Plenty of nudibrancs and fish everywhere as always. Lots of colour and coral.

A few ugly critters......just look his face. Is that a 'F**k Off' face or what??
 There were several higlights on this dive. A trio of very colourful cuttlefish allowed me to spend ages photogrpahing them. They didn't mind at all.....Cuttlefish are  a real pleasure to watch underwater wit thier constantly changing colours.
 Had to take  a load of shots as they were so obliging.
 Very nice, eh? This was about 12 metres. We were also treated to a shoal (if that is the right word?) of squid hurtling about above us. Couldn't get any shots of those as right in the glare of the sun coming through the sea.
 Another real highlight was this seahorse. About 15 metres and resting in amongst this pink fan coral....lovely bright yellow which is one of the best colours for undertwarer photography.
 Plenty of shrimps about.
The anemones are always a clear indicator of current direction....very helpful for sorting out your dive position when attempting to take macro stuff.

As a first attempt I was pleased to get a couple of nice shots...but I have a very long way to go....so it's back to Kata on my own at the first chance and do some serious experimenting with the camera.

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