Monday, January 5, 2015

Exotic Fishing Thailand Jan 3rd 2015

 Our guests enjoy fishing at Mike Bailey's Exotic Fishing Thailand in Phang Gna which is 90 minute drive from Paulsthaihouse. Apart from the actual fishing, it's great to see how the project is developing with new additions and with the assistance of Nature. Readers, you will have gathered by now that the lake's location itself is in itself spectacular but now the surrounding landscaping is showing its own developing character. This is a clever touch....the water going into the holding ponds is fashioned into an elephant's trunk which is part of a cleverly cut shrub.

 Guests have a guide to assist them throughout the day. This is Khun Tee named by means Number One! I have known Tee Nueng (Bung is his real name????) for at least 5 years as he has been working in the Phuket Fishing Park which we visit often for at least that long as a fishing guide. He's terrific....very enthusiastic and hard working and will do everything to put you on the fish...which isn't always as easy as it may sound. Khun Tee Nung was Steve's guide for the day.
 Exotic Fishing Thailand is also an educational park. Circling the lake but at a hidden lower level is a walkway. This goes past the holding ponds and a number of large, recently added fish tanks. These fish tanks hold examples of the species found in the lake along with some very useful information about the fish's natural habitat, the current World Record size, biggest fish to be caught in the lake etc etc.
 Here's a view across one of the fish holding ponds showing  6 of the sheltered fish tanks each of which contain two or three different species as available from the main fishing lake.
 The new 'salas' are spacious with table and chairs. several of the larger ones even have fans. There's a large fish ID chart in the Sala. In front of the Sala is the concrete rod rest platform and lights for the hour of dark fishing. Menus are in the Salas and snacks and drinks are available throughout the day. It is also possible to pre-order dinner in the new and very impressive resturant which is a fine way to conclude the day.
 The main lake is swarming with little fish so very easy and good fun to snaffle a couple for fresh bait for the predatory species as evening nears.
 The guides are in charge of netting. these fish are usually big and always extremely lively.....especially the hard fighting pacu (fruit eating pirhana). Here, Khun Tee Nung acrobatically offers he net to a manic pacu which was not impressed.
 Here is an Albino Pacu caught by Steve. The fish are very well cared for. They are never lifted clear of the water. If you'd like a photo with one then you have to get into the water with, on this occasion, Steve's fish was photographed in the net.
 Mark caught a striped catfish...which is not one of the more usual was soon into the lake and holding up his fine catch for the camera.
 And this is a Giant Gurami, a very exotic looking creature...again caught by Mark.
To finish this little write-up, here is a photo of a well known Dorset character who realised too late what he'd done!! Guess who it is?? Answers on a Placard, please!!!!

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