Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Bay Regatta 2014

 This year Jai and I were involved in the annual Phang Gna Bay Regatta. This involved 5 days racing and stopping overnight (on the boat of course!) at various locations around the Bay area including Ao Nang in Krabi and Pi Pi Island about 20 miles west of Krabi before heading into Ao Chalong.

As most (if any!) of you reading will be sea anglers then sailing will not be of much interest to you and so very little will be written here...just a few photo's to give an impression of our adventure along with several charts of the area to give you an idea of the races.

For those of you who do enjoy sailing or would like to have a go, Sunsail are in Phuket and yachts of any size can be chartered with or without skipper/crew. You can even learn to sail here as part of your holiday and the Phang Gna Bay area is a delightfully scenic place to enjoy from the sea.
Point a camera at Jai and she immediately stops work to strike a pose. These Thai gals, eh!
Chart of Day One Race
Mostly, of course, the photo's will be of our Jai
And of Kaesawn who is Jai's friend and an excellent sailor too!

Day 2 Race
Spinnekers are up in the light breezes

An impressive navigation area abord the 55' yacht Fistral


Fun room...didn't get used enough ...too busy partying

Jai and Kaesawn

Rounding one of the 'leg' buoys

Fistral is a cruising yacht...so is not fast and needs a decent bit of wind to get her 33 tons underway.

Two of the happiest crew you could meet

Friends of Bill and Kaesawn from Weymouth will recognise this very talented young lady

Fistral owner, retired Cathay Air Jumbo Jet pilot, Captain Bill Crump, and old scroat Whittall on right playing with the wheel.
Great parties every night after the racing...unlimited drink and great food n music. All this dancing on the beach, eh? Moon rising over Ao Chalong at the end of our Regatta.

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