Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Elephants at The Big Buddha Mountain

Heath and Mike will be in the air right now flying from Kuala Lumpar back to Heathrow and soon to experience the difference between a regualr 32 degrees C and whatever is happening back home right now! It's been extremely busy with the two chaps...plenty of fishing, scuba diving, sight-seeing and eating out at a range of Thai resturants.
Bev has joined the lads for several outings as husband Tony has been flat out on PADI Training courses. It is the couples' dream to come to Thailand for a year with Tony working as a Dive Master and Bev as an English teacher. Bev has been sussing out the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses and they can now see that it's all very possible to do.

Anyhow, here we are witing for our elephants to be readied...the call has come to mount up and Mike is leaping to his feet to take command of his pachyderm.
He also took command of Bev...and told the Thai mahoot that he and Bev were on their Honeymoon!! Poor Bev! Those of you who have come across Mike will know what I mean!
And 'orf they go....the Happy Couple. Didn't I get an ear-full later on that day from our Bev!! Ha ha...
Meanwhile our Heath, regal and in control as ever, cantered off into the forest with his man....Ah, Elephants....everyone who goes on them says it's not an experience to be missed....and not one to be repeated either!! Several years agao, me and The Jai went on a 3 day Elelphant Trek up in the North West of Thailand...stayed overnight in the rain forest...met the Hill Tribes people....ate funy things etc....terrific experience if you have time on your holiday to do such things.

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