Thursday, March 10, 2016

Society Chairman keeps on his toes.

 Weymouth Angling Society's Chairman, Mr Billy Short, World Famous in the whole of Weymouth for his building work, is currently discovering the delights of Phuket along with his charming wife, Fish Widow Cindy.

Today Billy left Cindy to sun herself all day by the house pool whilst he went off to sample the delights of the beasts in the Phuket Fishing Park along with resident guide and professional Night Clubber (and handbag importer) Russel Shaw. Readers may recall that Russell was here in January along with the madman Mr Ray Barron and soon realised that Poole wasn't all it is cracked up to be in the dead of winter...thus he has returned for another three weeks of bright sun, crystal seas, long cold beers and adventurous dives not to mention the fishing.

And today Russell took young Billy under his considerable wing and acted as his guide....and here is Billy with a very nice Hoberns Carp and above a cracking Siamese Carp. Needless to say our Billy didn't expect this. And, for any of the Weymouth Angling Society Junior anglers reading about their leader, allow me to tell you he paid no attention to his guide and did not hang on to his rod as instructed....thus the first fish took Billy's rod into the lake saved only by a dramatic flying dive into the lake itself and just managing to get hold of the rod butt as it started to disappear into the depths of the pirhana infested water.

Our two top men managed a double shot of catfish with the Thai Guide coming to their assistance to untangle them.
 And look at this monster.....this lake really does produce some amazing fish.
 And see how Billy is going Native? Here he is adopting a dramatic facial stare straight out of the Thai story the Ramagian (look this up)....and look at the delight on his face.... ah, bless.
And to finish up with....another mekong catfish...what a day and what an introduction to lake fishinbg for an otherwise dedicated sea angler!

Hoorah for Billy!!!!

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