Friday, February 13, 2015

Underwater Manoeuvres

Dinesh's first ever sea dive.....and it was Emotional

First we piroutte to the right with our leg out tight

Then we spin to the floor....we all want more

Please, Great Vishnu, let me be like my hair and stay upright! I'm doing what my thumbs are telling me

And, yep, we're back on the seabed again in our very own personal sandstorm the F*ck am I gonna do this???

And, yes, we have the beginnings of a first flight

We've cracked it!! Look at me, Mama.....I can fly!

And even in just 3 metres, Kata obliges with cuttlefish

and above us...stacks of fish to see

and still only 4 metres
And even a rare critter like this Headshield Slug! Thank you, Kata

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