Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Flying Steve...especially for the Gilbank Clan.

Here in Thailand, people are always throwing themselves to the ground and making pious gestures. Steve has realisied that in the Phuket Diving World I am The Guru and need to be suitably acknowledged.
 We've carried out our dives at our favourite Kata Reef and have been joined by Larry from Alabama and his Thai girlfriend, Daan (those of you who use diving travel Insuance will see the connection in the name!)
 We have been enjoying the increasingly good viz and although this is a very shallow dive, ideal for beginners, there is always plenty to see.
 Look close and you can see the stonefish in the middle of the photo.
 A small rock grouper...just to show how clear the visabilty is now.
 The coral reef is packed with life and hunbdreds of species of fish.
 A baby grouper hiding in an isolated bit of marine life....
And Steve.....taking off.

Anyhow, I am please to annouce that Papa Gilbank is going very well with his diving and he doesn't use up his air quickly which menas we are able to have one hour long dives...very good indeed. And Papa's underwater hand movements are most amusing!!!!!

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