Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

There's so much on offer New Year's Eve in Phuket that you are spoilt for choice. We decided to much about in Chalong...have a few drinks around the bars...have a few bites to eat and wait until the midnight hour's fireworks extravaganzas. Thailand LOVES fireworks so we knew we were in for a treat.

The question is..where was the best venue to go to see all the multitude of displays...

Anyhow, off to Chalong. Our little group now compromising Crusty Steve and wife Janey plus nephew Ali who is a teacher in Bangkok, Lothario Keith, Wad and Coz (who have recently arrived) Jai and me....a nice group of partygoers to swell the Chalong Town ranks.

Here we are at Guy's Bar. Guy is son of Colonel David who Jai and I had Xmas dinner with. Guy offers a 'girlie free' zone which is actually very refreshing....and makes a point of creating an 'All things English' atmosphere with sports TV (cricket, football and snooker) along with Cheese and Wine afternoons and pub quizzes. This actually works very well as, believe it or not, many ex-Pat chaps enjoy an Oasis of good old British calm against the more usual bars where you are pounced on by a scantily clad, dark haired beauty within seconds of arriving.....mad you say??...well, not really...enough's enough and all that.

A short walk down to Chalong seafront and free eats were on offer at all the seaside bars....very pleasant. Here we have the Happy Jai and her Thai lady friend Khun Leck who owns the colourful Tamarine Bar and her husband Petro from Sweden. This bar has been a firm favourite over the past couple of weeks with its impressive offering of Thai dishes at very cheap (£10 for dinner) prices.

My little camera cannot handle firework display shots...but at midnight the whole seafront is lit up with the displays provided by every bar in Chalong...and there's at least 30 PLENTY of fireworks.

And now are little group is gathering before the post midnight split with the 'younger members' heading off to a massive beach party (30,000 people!) taking place on Karon Beach about 4 miles away. We saw our younger friends at about 4pm on New Years Day when they finally surfaced...

We older personages remained for a few more drinks in a mature and stately fashion before waddling off back home...

Yo Ho...all good fun here in Chalong.

Happy New Year to you all!!!

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