Saturday, March 5, 2011

World Record????

Today Rit bought his charming girlfriend Supattana to learn to dive. Rit is the Managing Director of World Offset Printing and is the person responsible for making my project on Wat Chalong into such an attractive booklet. Rit is already a PADI diver but Supattana, known by her nickname as Mook, had never tried before.

Because of being delayed in a meeting, the pair turned up much later than we expected and that meant we had to do a pool test dive very quickly so we could get to the dive shop and refill my tank!

So, our time in the pool was a whole 5 minutes....Mook told me she was a quick learner...and she certainly was pretty amazing!! She was down on the pool bottom within seconds and looked completely at ease in the dive gear.

So, we raced off to Dive Supply....but they were closing as we came to the the shop. That meant I had a whole 90 Bar in the tank....this was going to be a shallow breathing exercise for me!

Anyhow, you can see that with Rit's assisatnce, Mook managed a successful first dive and we managed to last 40 minutes.....well done to Mook!

And here are our Underwater Lovefish....with the Romantic Rit planting a Congratulatory kiss on Mook.

The world record for the fastest ever training session before going to the sea??? I think so! I put it all down to the BCD Mook was wearing. The jacket belongs to the inspirational Ai Futaki who has just entered the Guiness Book of Records for her record breath hold dive in a cave. Take a look on Ai left her battered BCD with me several years ago and it's been put to very good use ever since with the various ladies who have learnt to dive in it.

So, Ai.....not only are you an absolute inspiration to many....even your old dive gear is!!!

Well Done to Mook! Ai would be proud of you! Thanks to Rit for being such a good Buddy on Mook's first dive...and let's hope this is the start of your Scuba Diving adventures together.

And here's Ai...Japanese Ladies Freediving record holder; Guiness Book of Record Holder...freediving with a whaleshark. Well, that's the sort of Adventuress she is!!


  1. Hi,There

    Dear Khun Pual, I do really appreciate what we have done 2 days ago,It was very nice to meet you and your pretty girlfriend as well as...Hope that i can join you after or definitely I will be there with you and your daughter,see! how good you are,you already have 1 of the best driving got the record holder and another hold the record fastest learning driving !!!

    555+ so you are the best !!!

    Thank you for everything you had taught me though !!

  2. anyway,My Thai name is SUPATTANA hahaha It is not Supattoma but it is a cool name though!!! ;-)