Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mutiny at Sea

Captain Ta Wan, our illustrious longtail boat skipper, had an unusual dilemma on his hands when Mike 'Derby' Elvy decided he'd take over the helm.

Helming a longtail ain't the easiest thing in the world. There's a damn gurt 6 litre engine balanced on a pivot. The drive shaft leads down a long way to the propellor spinning dangerously close to the surface. You know what they're've all seen the James Bond movies....extremely fast, very noisy....and that prop spinning out of water is a dangerous and nasty weapon. If you dig the prop in too deep then it's hard to hang on to the homemade tiller arm and keep the boat going in a straight line.....Derby was on the helm for a whole three waves until the boat veered off towards Africa and Captain Ta Wan had had enough and dragged us back on course.

Despite his utter incompentence, Derby was determined to show his Captaining Physique to the world (via this Blob; sorry I meant 'Blog') and has applied to be Daniel Craig's body double.

Well gals, what do you think??? Should Daniel be bothered????

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