Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A trip with Captain Ta Won

We have been lucky to have Captain Ta Won as our regular boat skipper. We have enjoyed many trips out on his longtail boat either on Island visits, evening fishing or diving trips. He has been a great find. Very experienced, dead reliable and a great bloke.

Our team visited two nearby islands for sun, swimming, sight-seeing, and eating....

There are plenty of nearby islands....they are all slightly different...but they all have sparkling beaches, crystal clear sea for fabulous snorkling....and good food!!

This particular island is famous for its gurt lizards...I dunno what they are called. Monitor lizards?? Maybe someone can tell me. They come out to play and take chicken from you. Apparantly they have been known to swim out to sea and take people off their lilo's. Our guests did not suffer any such tragedy as June had Anti Lizard repellant in her handbag....she's got EVERYTHING in that bag of hers.'s a hard life...all this chilling out in the sunshine

...lazing about in the sea or donning a mask to see the zillions of colourful fish...

...and sampling out all the many many many Thai dishes in the beach restaurants.

This is just such a great place............I see the weather is 4 degrees right now back home 35 degrees here) HAVE to come out here for a must be utterly bonkers not to!!!!!

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