Friday, February 11, 2011

Horst and the Anglers.

Here is Mr Horst Sneider. You anglers, who are very keen on your angling hobby and read all the magazines, keeping up to date with all the latest tackle trends and the 'who's who' in the angling world will of course recognise Horst.

Horst is the President of EFSA which is, again as you all apologies for unneccessarily pointing it out...the European Federation of Sea Anglers. This year, in September, the EFSA Boat Championships will be held in Weymouth which is a great honour for the port and one of the reasons why the Weymouth boats are so busy this year. Apart from a three week pre-Olympic practice run, there are also 4 other major angling events taking 8 weeks of the season were already accounted for with the bookings made last year.

(Next year will be almost as be prepared to get your bookings in early!!!)

Horst and I plus two of our guests staying in March will be embarking on a three day Similan Island trip. That will be a great one to write about. Horst and I are also taking part in a 2 day competition at the end of February. We have Mike the Derby arriving next week. He's a very good angler....I am hoping he will join us but Gary tells me 'fat chance' this space. Will he be allowed to come...or not???? Bets taken. Add your comments below this blog.

Anyhow, to seal our fishing plans Horst, Mandy, Gary, The Jai and me celebrated by ordering even more prawns and beer than normal and settled down to making ourselves as unable to move as possible.

Puddings...Thai Style...

We chaps, you understand lads, are limited in what we can eat. Not so the ladies. Puddings are a bit impressive in Thailand.....above are two of the creations that Mandy managed to demolish. Note how she is keeping a very wary eye on anyone daring to come too near....and nick anything off her!!!!! Jai had scurried off with hers and was eating behind some old shack somewhere......

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