Friday, February 18, 2011


Bangkok is an amazing City but is can seem overwhelming and daunting for people visiting for the first time. We are lucky because we have 'The Jai' to guide us everywhere and to argue with every Thai person over the prices they want to charge for various things....
Any trip to Bangkok requires a visit to The Grand here's a few photo's taken by Derby's mama, June. June explained that she had spent many happy hours with her dad in his darkroom as a child....developing things. And now she is a keen photographer with an eagle eye for composition and the obscure technicalities of enhanced digital photography. What a pleasure to have an artiste amongst us at last....

This Yak, one of the guardians of the Temple, has that look on his face I have seen so many times on my anglers' faces when they have lost yet another fish.

Amazing buildings.....everything in the Grand Palace demands to be photographed.

Here's Derby's Mama and Papa, Graham and June, showing what true and lasting romance is all about in the City of Angels.

(Bangkok is called Gruntep by the Thais...which means City of Angels)

The Buddha images are fabulously ornate

This is Wat Arun or the Temple of the Dawn as seen from the river......and the Chinese Giants are guarding the entrance to Wat Po which is where many people go to learn correct massage techniques.
We've just got back to Phuket after four very hectic days of sightseeing, river cruises, fabulous dinners out, evening shows.....and of course, for The Jai and me.....the Eric Clapton concert at the Impact Arena in Bangkok.
And yes, it IS true...Eric is definitely God!!.....what a concert!!!
And....within minutes of arriving back...I discover I have two keen scuba diving students waiting to get into action....hooray!!!! We started the pool training already.....more tomorrow!

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