Thursday, January 27, 2011

Windy in Phuket...........

Today our intrepid explorers set off for Dragon Island on a longtail boat from Rawai. Sea conditions were very choppy with a force 5 to 6 blowing and the boat having to travel head to wind to reach the selected island.

Breezy conditions! Choppy seas.

45 minutes later our team arrived....soaked to the skin and having been treated to a barrage of good old Anglo Saxon vocabulary via Gary who held Bert directly responsible for the idea of the trip, the wind conditions, the wetness of the sea, the direction of travel, the length of passage etc etc. (You get the picture?)

The longtail boats were bouncing about on the sea....but after a voyage of trepidation and stamina....the team arrived at Dragon Island.

The team rushed up the beach ready to confront the Dragons.

And sure enough, the Dragons emerged from the undergrowth. They are not excessively dangerous although they have been known to snatch little kids off their motor bikes.

The Dragons are particularly partial to Singha beer and honey pancakes. There were signs everywhere to make sure you didn't keep your hands attached to anything you were eating or drinking when the beasts approached.

The Kink Dragon, a magnificent specimen in comparison to his smaller females, lazed nonchanantly in a nearby shelter daring any tourists to come and get their drinks back.
A formidable beast indeed.

The return to Rawai was slightly less wet....the team were headed towards the Sea Gypsy Village and a feast of fresh prawns that would have just been landed.......

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