Sunday, January 16, 2011

England V Thailand Fishing Comp

England V Thailand

Today was the day of the Big Fishing Competition between England and Thailand. England was represented by UK Charterboats Skipper of the Year, Mr Colin Penny...he of the glamorous hairstyle (see Facebook) and owner of the soon to be launched Flamer IV. Representing Thailand was Ocean Master Saranwalai Chansongsri, other wise known as Jai, and Top Crewperson of infamous Charterboat Offshore Rebel.

The scoring opened within seconds of cast off with Colin hitting straight into a Mekong catfish of about 15lb. Colin was pretty impressed with the fighting qualities of this powerful fish but despite the recent memories of the Mr Caines' Facebook posting was able to guide the fish to the net handled by our Thai guide Khun Om.

Mr Penny was top man in the species category with three different species. Here he is with his carp of about 8lb.

And here's the Thai team. Jai never cheats but seemed to have four rods to Colin's one....funny how gals all over the world interpret the rules somewhat differently.

Jai soon retaliated with her own and bigger catfish. In fact Jai went into a commanding lead of 4 fish to England's 1!!!!

Here she is with another of her five fish total catch. The event took place between 0930 to 1230.

Although under considerable pressure from Thailand, Mr Penny was inspired through the motivational teamtalk from the England Manager (me) who told him to get his f**king finger out and stop combing his hair! Charter Captain of the Year Penny responded with the tournament's largest fish...a cracker (another catfish) weighing about 30lb which took a good 20 minutes to coax to the net.

And then.....just like the fabulous species hunter he is......our erstwhile International clinched the species section with this formidably toothed fruit eating pirhana. Colin tempted his third species on an assortment of currants and banana bait presented in a French style croissant squashed onto a swim feeder above a size 1 hook.

Jai made everyone (all three of us) acknowledge her right to represent her Country by nailing the numbers section. Yeah, well it was actually 5 fish each but the England representative played his Wildcard and used the fish his Manager(me again) caught to boost his own total catch.
A rematch has been demanded by both teams which is due to take place tomorrow afternoon........
All in all, this fishing is just amazing. You'd be VERY unlucky
not to catch a big freshwater fish......even I caught two!!!!

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