Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year (Part 2)

After the civilities of Gan Eng resturant, posh place by the sea, and multitudes of fireworks.....the Thais, like the Chinese, just LOVE was off to the local bars. These bars are very naughty places....absolutely ANYTHING can happen...and usually does. 'Long chai jin-tan-agan' (use your imagination!) Here are (L to R), Pum (my bodyguard), me (being bodyguarded), Keith (temporarily unattached) and Ali who is hiding behind the scantily clad and erotic Dow.....

The mischievious Jai fronts the family shot of Steve, Ali and the gin stealing Janey.

Carol, one of our ex-Pat neighbours, won the east Rumanian Pole
dancing event in 1907. Here she is reliving that moment and displaying those attributes that make a woman what she truly is!

Ali, Steve and Janey's nephew, has been working in Bangkok for four years as an English teacher. He has been with us for a week. He has the advantage of being able to speak fluent Thai.....this makes the local gals go weak at the knees....ah, wonderful Thailand.

This is, apparantly, a local pre-mating gesture which many Ferangs (non-Nationals) have adopted. Quite surprising how well lit the bars are after midnight with many Ferangs performing this unusual ritual.

Well, it was an excellent night. Us old buggars went home at 0200 but those rascals Keith and Ali were whisked off to the Night Clubs and were never seen again......................

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