Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pennys in the Mountains

The Penny's Day Out

Aha.....UK Charterboats skipper of the Year, Colin Penny and his good lady, Theresa decided on an elephant trek. Here they are ...mounted and looking in complete control of their rampaging monster which is dashing (ha ha) through the jungle terrain on the Naga Mountains just behind the house.

A trip to the monket school is of course essentail. Clever little critters...ride bikes, do press up, play football....and swim under water to retrieve stuff. The main intention of a Thai monkey school is to train the clever things to shimmy up palm trees and chuck the coconuts down to the monkeys waiting below who then stack the coconuts into baskets ready for the workers (people) to lift onto the waiting lorries. A trained monkey is worth a small fortune and is in big demand....much faster, safer and cheaper than employing people to do the dangerous work.

Who needs those lithe, suntanned, dark haired Thai nymphets when there's a proper Weymouth gal (Theresa Penny, no less) to grab hold of at the top of Promthep Point! The Point is one of the main 'sunset viewpoints' and hundreds of visitors flock here every evening to applaud the sun as it goes down. Hmmmm....we'd be applauding the old sun if it ever got up back in UK!!

Aahhh, the young romantics enjoying lunch by the sea at Rawai. A cool sea breeze and shadow offered by the coastal trees...just right for a relaxing break from the sun and heat (ooppps, sorry...there ain't none back home).

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