Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Ladies of Patong

 There I was.....wandering down the Patong High Street....minding my own business as always..when this 'gal' accosts me and starts giving me the traditional Thai sign of respect. Well, she would...wouldn't she?

Reluctantly I allow myself to take part in this carnival type atmosphere and submit myself to the desires of this goddess.
 Now I know I am vertically challenged but this here Totty was well over 6' in  her high heels....still she was kind enough to line me up with various splendid parts of herself.
 There were some pretty fearsome warrior types there keep a low profile!
 Everytime a camera is pointed at them the inevitable cries of  'Show me the money' ring out. Thus the camera work is sadly limited which was a great shame as there were so many worthy, splendidly surgically enhanced creatures to snap.

Here's one such fine example. I shall call her 'Bob'.
Meanwhile Mandy was making friends. Mandy is a very tall lady so this gives an idea just how impressive these stars of the Ladyboy show are.

And, as always, it WAS a great show...a must see experience if you ever get to Thailand.

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