Saturday, January 3, 2015

Diving Jan 3rd 2015

 We've been doing such a lot of fishing that the scuba diving has been rather neglected. Today we split the group. Some have gone back to Exotic Fishing Thailand and half have stayed here in Phuket to go Scuba Diving.

Here's Mandy who has come along very nicely over the four visits she has made to stay with us in Phuket.
 The viz was rubbish in comparison to how it can be. We have experienced loads of rain and wind with choppy seas so the inshore marks are pretty stirred up. but there's still loads to see even if we cant take very clear photos of each other!

The Jai came with us today which is a bit of a rare treat.

 For those who have admired Jai's filleting skills, I can assure you she is as good at diving as she is at handling a knife. She's very controlled underwater and excellent at spotting stuff....and she hardly breathes so we can stay down for ages when diving together. Today we dived for over an hour and Jai came up with well over half a tank of air left whilst our customers, who had done very well to last an hour, were just about empty on the air supplies.
 A bit of a clearer patch.
 There's still lots of nice colours and stacks of little fish to see.
 Nice corals....
A couple of lion fish....

I wasn't able to do too much photography today as concentrating on our guests....but for those of you already booked to visit us this year and those of you hoping to come....then the diving here is very gentle and easy. If you haven't tried is your chance!!! All free as part of your holiday of course.

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