Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First Dive.....!!

After three training sessions in the pool our latest intrepid adventurers, Andy Smith, Richard Russell and Kim Bowden,  took to the sea at nearby Kata. This is a shore dive and so we can 'gear up' in the nearby carpark and then stagger down the beach much to the amusement of the scantily clad sunbathing lovelies who must wonder at the sanity of four silly old buggars weighed down with tons of stuff in 30 degrees....
First dive in the sea for Andy Smith, Richard Russell and Kim Bowden.

Diving reveals the inner soul.....who could have guessed that Kim was a seriously talented underwater dancer??
And 'Cool Hand' Andy. in doing his mask clearance exercises, Andy also spat out his regulator....who needs air underwater??
(Left) Mr Richard 'Calm' Russell. here is a man completely unfazed and was in control of his bouyancy within minutes of his first ever dive. Amazing.

Kim gives the 'All's Well' signal.....see how the visits to the Temple have paid off???

Look at this! Mr Richard Russell in total control of his bouyancy within minutes of the first dive.

And Kim.....still dancing. now on the knees doing 'The Turtle'. Truly a sight to admire.

The dive was at our favourite 'training ground'. the Kata reef.




                                           There's always stacks of nice things to see at Kata.

The lads managed a first dive of 61 minutes which is extremely impressive. There were the usual understandable misgivings before undertaking such a daring enterprise but these were soon overcome as the underwater scenery opened up.....what a great adventure to be able to offer our guests.

And we have time for one more dive before our current guests leave for a couple of days of sight-seeing in Bangkok.

I bet EFSA never realised the talents of some of their illustrious members.

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