Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Scenery at Gillhams, Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand.

 Here we are approaching Krabi having enjoyed a two hour boat ride from Phuket. Just look at this scenery....and the colour of the sky!
 I wonder if Gillhams Fishery at Ao Nang is the most photographed fishing lake in the world? It is that sort of place...you cannot stop taking photographs of these limestone mountains. And throughout the day they change colour. My favourite time is in the early morning with the mist rising off the lake and drifting between the mountains....it is a fabulous scene to start off your day.
    Here's the view from one of the swims and we are here for 5 days....who could ask for more?
 The restaurant, shop and office are situated under the mountain. Fishing goes on until 8pm so, after a shower etc, time is getting on and the foodhere  is great so many people choose to stay and enjoy the atmosphere and have a chat with fellow anglers from all over the world. Like the majority of the anglers, we didn't leave the resort for the whole time.
                                                     Another view across the lake
                       A variety of dragonflies like to balance on the rod tips throughout the day

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