Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Keith Downton at Gillhams

The team (L to R) Keith Downton from Blandford, Richard Spracklen from Wool, our amazing guide Geoff Akroyd and Steve Gilbank from Southampton. Look what a jolly lot we are...and every reason to smile!
Day One.....fish farmer Keith caught nothing. Day two, increasingly desperate fish farmer Keith caught nothing. Day 3....and now concerned ....nothing until late afternoon and then.....
...this! A magnificent 75lb Siamese Carp. This is what we came for....and within the same hour both Richard and Steve caught a Siamese Carp each to add to what was, for them, a steadily increasing tally.
But Day 4 for keith was the sort of day that dreams are made of. One Siamese Carp, two Arapaima and  7 redtail catfish up to 90lb!!! What??? All in the same day???? Yes, fellow anglers, read and admire.
                                                         One of Keith's redtails.
But look at this monster...all 90lb of what is regarded by many as the hardest fighting freshwater fish on the planet. And note the special Gillhams Style photograph whereby only half the angler's face is revealed. I noticed quite a few similar poses in the photographs in the restaurant.
                  What a cracker of a fish..........and what a happy fish rearer our Keith became.

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