Thursday, December 27, 2012

Xmas Dinner and Carp

Phuket Fishing Park Carp

Ahhh...the frustrations of lake fishing when your knowledge is severely limited. We were given a right lesson in fishing a couple of days ago. Conditions were perfect and the fish were going mad with loads coming to the nets from every swim....except ours. Just shows how much there is to know about angling......I'm spending the next day at the lake with the local Thai guides and paying them to teach me so I can try and improve the catch rate of you guys coming here. It's a great little lake; some real quality fish....but sometimes there's just that bit of attention to some detail I am not seeing which can make all the difference to the catch rate.

 We did get a couple of fish....and they were nice carp so that was good. I need some of you freshwater boys here to show me how to improve!!

Anyhow, enough of 'fish, fish, fish'. Our International Lothario, Keith, was with us over Xmas and turned up with a particularly lively hot Thai Tottie. Here she is bringing our hardworking Xmas Dinner host, Malcome, a brief interlude of friskiness before he had to return to stirring the sprouts.
 Malcome and Carol have lived at Phuket Private Lagoon for a few years now and delight in giving us all a traditional Xmas dinner which starts at 1300 and finishes when we all collapse into the swimming pool about 12 hours you can see, there's no expense's some of Santa's (Malcome's) helpers arriving to keep the drinks flowing as we were unable to stagger to the fridge by this stage. Saucy Little Minxes they were too!! (Sorry, Gary, no Lady Boys to show you yet).
 Yeah, I know the photo's are out of order....but this is when we were sane and waiting for the starters to arrive. We have on the left Steve and Janey Thorne; in the blue corner is Malaka (Lothario Keith's latest), then Keith and then Pook. Pook is Jeff's Thai stepdaughter through his marriage to Om. Om hates sprouts so decided to stay 'Up North' with her Thai family and enjoy Catfish Pie rather than turkey. Meanwhile Pook has become addicted to English food and chose to celebrate with us lot. (Funny old world, eh?). And then there's Jeff. I'm pleased to say that Jeff and Crusty got on extremely well together and were considering an official Blood Brother Ceremony before Jeff left...

(Yep, me and The Jai were there....I was taking the photo and Jai was behind me telling me how it should be done...)

And here, after 103 years together, is how a good English couple show what true togetherness is. As you can see, they are completey on their own as all the other guests were off chasing the Saucy Little Minxes.

Bit of a jumble this Blog....we have been without Internet for 7 days....not good. However, all is now OK and I will keep things updated.

One thing I need to stress though is that it is REALLY important for you to consider your transport options for when you come here. The idea of my place for your  holiday is that it gets you away from the hotel are here to have your own adventure. Yes, I am here to make things run smoothly but it was never the idea for me to drive people around all day and every day.

Thailand drives on the same side of the road as us. Yes, the driving is nuts but the Brits ARE the best at handling it. Imagine how hard it is for our European cousins to cope with the insanity and to be driving on the opposite side that they are used to. The secret here is to just take it easy. Don't get wound up.....use your driving experience to anticipate the IS ok. Go and have your own adventure!!!!!

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