Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kata Reef Dive Saturday 29th

Exceptionally pleasant dive on the Kata reef today....masses of different species to see, excellent visibility to pick out the smaller creatures and the camouflage experts. This year there's many Feathertail Stingray along the sandy fringes of the reef.....must have spotted over 30 yesterday.
                                                              Varicose Wart Slug
I don't know what this is...the nearest I can find in the book is the double-ended pipehorse...well, come on you experts....let me know your opinion!
                                                        Ambon scorpionfish....I think!
                                                       A gurt shoal of damsel fish
                                                            Feathertail Stingray
Giant Puffer Fish
 From Patong to Kata Beach, covering 24 kilometers, the Thai's are putting concrete structures into the sea to create articifial reefs and encourage new corals and fish life back to the inshore areas. Massive damage was done to the seabed by the Tsunami back in 2004 and constant overfishing has successfully annihilated the inshore fishing. There are lots of colourful fish to see when diving but they are small....and a population of small fish is the best indicator of severe overfishing.
                                              Cuttlefish hiding in the sand...not easy to spot!

With a maximum depth of only 12 metres and great viz, everyone can manage a good hour underwater on a single 12 Ltr it's certainly a rewarding experience. Congratulations to Mr Jeff Whittard this month having completed his AOW and Nitrox PADI Certificates. Jeff's already booked a 5 week stay in Feb 2014 when we intend to visit the Similan Islands for some spectacular Liveaboard Diving.

In January we have several guests arriving who are keen it's gonna be another great month here in The Land of Smiles.

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