Monday, January 9, 2012

Rawai Sea Gypsy Fish Market

One very special treat is to drive down to Rawai Fish Market and wait for the boats to come in and unload their days catch. Here's the Jai and Om (Bristol Faery's missus) waiting to pounce. Those gals argue every gramme of fish down to the lowest Baht...the poor old Sea Gypsy fishermen must dread it went the Thai women descend on them (mmm?)

The fish are landed and spread out across a number of family stalls right on the sea's edge. There's a huge variety of species witha few reasonable sized fish...these fish come from 20 miles offshore along the 150 metere drop offs and are caught in large 'fish cages'...a bit like a big square lobster pot....the 'cages' are hauled each ay.

Shell fish is not cheap anywhere in the it's good to have the ferocious bartering prowess of Om in particular....

These lobsters are extremely tasty...much sweeter than our home back home but no claws...well, scraggy little claws...the meat is all in the body.

Crusty Steve likes to wander around and look lkike he's in control of the's his 'How much??? You can get stuffed' look...bugga me but he's scarey, ain't he? If you were a weather beaten, sun baked Sea Gypsy Commercial Fisheman's'd be scared of him wouldn't you????

Anyhow, with 4 kilo of tiger prawns, several lobsters, a dose of crabs, a gurt plateful of green lipped mussels and a selection of fresh fish all bough back to the resturant opposite the fish stall for cooking....the gang set to it. It may be seen that our own group expands somewhat during such occasions as Horst (our esteemed EFSA World Presidente) and his family always seem to appear when there's a chance of a bit of free scram about.

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