Sunday, January 8, 2012

Khao Sok National Park

The Khao Sok National Park is about 150 km North of Phuket. A massive part of it was dammed and flooded in 1982 creating a lake of 165 sq km and, as it was filled, over 100 islands were formed.

Many groups of Thai people an visiting tourists enjoy the peace and beauty of the surroundings and enjoy swimming in the freshwater which is much cooler than the sea.

There are 8 'floating' villages scattered throughout the area where visitors can enjoy a night or two on the lake.

The accommodation is simple but the houses have the basic facilities and there's a restaurant and bar on hand.

For the adventurous types (The Jai and Me for example) there are kayaks to go off exploring in and you can take along a mask and snorkle to have a bit of an investigation into the underwater scenery alongside the sheer sided 'Hongs'. There's plenty of fish in the lake so nice to take a couple of rods as well.

There's a longtail boat present to take us out on evening trips in the hope of seeing a few wild animals...we are always promised tigers, boar, deer etc....I don't think there's much chance of that with all the racket and laughter going on in the boat as we 'creep silently' along.....

But it's all about scenery and the chance to take some memorable photo's and collect togther some unforgettable memories.

Janey (mad as a box of frogs) Thorne has no idea at all how to use her camera and is a happy snapper...although she tells me 'she knows how to compose' a picture (ha ha haaa).

The great thing with digital photography is that anyone can take 4, 273 shots per day day and the chances are one shot will turn out ok. Well, here we have an example of that very phenomenon...with Janey ending up with two very nice photo's plus the usual stuff...

The park is an amazing place....if you are into photography, then you've got to fit a visit into your holiday here...

Early morning mist falling down the mountains to the lake and across our floating village.....stunning!

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