Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fishing and Diving only????....Nope...there's lots more to do here

On the main website you will see a link to Thai Cooking.

There are several Thai Cookery schools nearby offering anything from one day to two week Thai Cookery courses.
Two of our guests have just completed a one week course and presented the
rest of us with a fine fish based Thai dinner last night.
Thai food is reknown for its colour and variety as well as its spices (optional!). The course was
'amazing' and of course it's all about the interesting people you meet. There were Italians, French, Koreans, Japanese and Swedish on the course so plenty of new friendships were established, emails swapped...and maybe our guests will be off to their new friends' countires in the future to meet up again and cook for each other.
Ain't 'travelling' just great???
There will be a big change tomorrow as our lads all leave except for Gary. Gary's wife Mandy arrives along with two of her friends and their husbands will be joining us in a week's time. So, I foresee Gary being able to take his ladies to all the exclusive up market air conditioned shopping malls and of course Thai Cultural events each evening.............
What fun!!!

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