Friday, February 24, 2012

Keith's first dive...Kata, Phuket

The west end of Kata Beach is a great place to take people on their first fact, it's great anyway with stacks of fish to see. Here's Keith on his first dive in the sea after several pool practice sessions.

We dropped down to just five metres and stood about for a bit just to get the 'feeling' of being on the sea bed and watch the fish coming to us.

The fish are so used to divers that they will come right up to the camera and as we are so shallow there's plenty of natural light to get a few clear photo's.

Kata has a beautiful coral reef which is encircled by soft sand. This means that a new diver can land on the sandy bottom with no fear of damaging themselves or the coral and still enjoy the mass of sea life right alongside.

Lots of little fish shoal up in the various coral windows.

There's usually a huge resident shoal of small barracuda. It's nice just to sit on the bottom and release a bit of air...the barracuda form a circle around the air bubbles rising to the surface and soon you are right in the middle of the cirling shoal that rises from the bottom all the way to the's a magical sight.

There's plenty of isolated patches of anenomes with a resident family of clown fish and often a small crab.

Lots of small lionfish all over the dive site.

And here's Keith....making his first underwater 'swim'. Even though it was his first dive, Keith still managed just over an hour
with a maximum depth of 10 metres where we were fortunate enough to see about ten small stingray to complete his memorable first entry into the world of scuba diving....excellent!!

Water temperature?? 30 degrees C. Nice, eh?

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