Monday, December 27, 2010

Yo Ho Ho

Hmmm....we've all had a bit of problem with the Internet but all OK again now.

Our Hero Keith presents his latest colleague in International Relations. Her name is Faa. She's married to a German. He's in Malaysia. England 1. Germany 0

Bonzai restaurant. We all like this place back for a quiet dinner and another look at all the incredibly valuable antiques on display. Janey (front L) and Steve (front R) are antiques dealers so this place is like a treasure trove for them. Imagine....a whole load of Ming Dynasty China all over the place.....

Bit unusual having Classic Cars on display inside a this Austin Healey...and white RR behind us. Here Jai and I pose...which is the nearest scum like us will ever get to such riches. Jai has been teaching our various Thai friends her favourite word from 2010 (Scum...I am scum). They all fall about and think it's hilarious....and it is funny when they try to pronounce it. Mr Caines and Mr Pitman AND several other Weymouth skippers have put in requests for crew to be bought back by it's important any potential crew know the important words in our 'profession'.
Jai always wanted to meet Father Christmas....and here they are together on Xmas Day at our neighbour's Xmas Dinner Party.

Today, Keith has left us for a three day visit to Patong which is the main tourist area of Phuket. No doubt he will get up to no good at all there. And Colin, if you're reading this, I did manage to get Keith into diving gear and down to the bottom of the maybe he'll get interested!!
Janey and Steve's nephew arrives from Bangkok tomorrow. He's been teaching English there for the past four years so I am hoping he will be able to explain some of the complexities of Thai language to me. He'll be coming diving (hooray!!) and will be joining us until Jan 5th.
Tonight I give Janey and Steve their guided tour of Kata.........a small town full of Thai resturants, live music and open markets.

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