Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Diving Day.........Koh Doc Mai; King Cruiser wreck; Shark Point

By 0800 Graham and Steve were getting kitted out at Kon Tikki Divers and I was in the cafe across the way enjoying the essential pre dive day strong coffee.

The transport arrived to take us the 200 yards from the Dive Centre to long pier at Chalong where we were then transferred to one of the pier's colourful tuk tuk type buses to ferry us right to the end of the pier and to our waiting boat.

The pier in the morning is always very busy with many customers
being taken to the 20 or so dive boats waiting......

Our first dive was a two hour steam away at Koh Doc Mai (Flower Island). It's a lovely easy 'wall dive' ...just right for a stress free start to the day and a good warm up if you haven't dived for a few months. Loads to see on on this day fabulous visibility.

The wall drops to about 25 meters....and you can do a multi'level dive to maximise your time and end up with 10 minutes at 5 meters...ideal.

Photograph. Here's the lads posing for the mates back home...Steve on left; Graham on right.

Photo...Graham looking very chilled....

The 3 dive day takes in a wreck dive of the King Cruiser with maximum depth of 28m....stacks of barracuda...literally teeming with 'em... and big shoals of different species of fish...plus plenty of lionfish having around inside the wreck.

The thir dmark...Shark Point is a reef that breaks surface and drops to 24 meters with a 25 meter underwater swim between the two main sections. Very colourful with many different types of coral...lots of tropical fish so you feel like you are diving in an Aquarium..........a few rays and the chance of a shark.....but we didn't see one.....

And the water temperature???.......29 degrees C at the bottom!! Nice, eh?

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